Lorazepam: a type of benzodiazepine

Lorazepam: a type of benzodiazepine

One of the most unpleasant moodsAnd, unfortunately, more frequent today is anxiety. Thanks to research and development, we have many options to reduce it regardless of its cause.

Pharmacology, among those sciences, has offered several Alternatives to reduce anxiety levels. Here, we are going to talk about what Lorazepam is used for and what is the drug for better sleep, relieve nervous tension and relax the muscles.


  • 1 What is Lorazepam?
  • 2 What is Lorazepam used for?
  • 3 What should we have while taking Lorazepam?
  • 4 What are the possible side effects?
  • 5 Does it interact with other drugs?

What is the Lorazepam?

Lorazepam belongs to the group of benzodiazepines, that is, it is a short-acting psychotropic sedative substance. This means that its depressive effects of the nervous system are short term.

Lorazepam helps increase GABA activity, which is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulating anxiety levels. So this drug helps calm nervous tension thanks to this.

It is a powerful medicine and must be monitored by a medical specialist. It is administered orally and distributed in boxes of different trade names or as a generic asset. It also comes in tablets of 1 mg or 2 mg.

Be careful, because it can be purchased online in the US, but these types of medicines purchased online usually contain mixed dangerous ingredients with the active ingredients or be distributed by pharmacies that are not licensed.

What is Lorazepam used for?

Lorazepam is used to treat anxiety or sleep disorders. It is an anxiolytic that has anticonvulsant effects and causes muscle relaxation. It is prescribed only for severe disorders, which involve a limitation of the patient's daily activity.

It should be commented with the treatment with the lowest possible dose and its duration must be short, approximately eight to twelve weeks to treat anxiety and about 4 to treat insomnia. In any case, it should be monitored by a doctor.

It is used in both psychosomatic and organic diseases, helping relieve insomnia and hypermotivity. Normally the Lorazepam recommended only to treat short-term anxiety, because its prolonged consumption can cause important side effects.

What do you have to take while taking Lorazepam?

We must bear in mind that Lorazepam is a type of benzodiazepine, and that therefore can cause dependence at several weeks of treatment. Therefore, the treatment should be as short as possible and always be prescribed by a doctor.

We should not take more doses of those recommended daily. And it is advisable to always take it before going to bed, for its sedative effects that help us fall asleep, and avoid any activity that requires our attention.

The Lorazepam is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, as it can affect the fetus and the newborn baby. In addition, it is not recommended to consume it if we have breathing problems, sleep apnea or some type of kidney or liver disease.

Usually the treatment must not exceed 12 weeks Since it generates dependence on the consumer, we must have in this period the progressive withdrawal of the drug. Check with your doctor to perform it as effectively as possible.

If we did not perform a progressive withdrawal and stop taking Lorazepam overnight, we could experience annoying symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, confusion, muscle pain ...

What are the possible side effects?

Although anxiety is a frequent problem today and we are used to seeing people taking pills, we remember that Lorazepam use should be limited in time and should be controlled by a doctor.

Consuming a medication of this type, which while not altering our daily lives, can generate tolerance and dependence in our body That is why you have to take into account the side effects it can cause.

Among these effects We found: fatigue, muscle weakness, blurred vision, dry mouth or swollen tongue, low blood pressure, skin hypersensitivity, apathy or bad mood, concentration and memory problems. sexual impotence or lack of desire.

So be careful with these possible adverse reactions and consult with your specialist if you notice that you may be suffering from any of them in a chronic or accentuated way, which prevents you from living normal life and brings more problems than solutions.

Does it interact with other drugs?

Take Lorazepam with other drugs that cause sleep or slow breathing It can cause dangerous or fatal side effects. We should always consult with the doctor before taking sleeping pills, for pain, cough or depression, and also any type of muscle relaxant.

Always inform the doctor if we are following any treatment, especially if it is a medicine: to treat anxiety, an antidepressant, treatment for mental illnesses, barbiturates, narcotics for pain or antihistamisics.

As you see, the Lorazepam It is not a medicine that should be taken lightly. That is why you have done well looking for information before you start taking it ...