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For readers interested in social tricks here is an entertaining game that can be used to entertain guests after a banquet or a party.

Eight wine glasses, four empty and four partially filled perfectly illustrate the trick.

As in all similar exhibits, it all depends on the expertise and intelligent performance of the person who plays the game that must know its part perfectly so that it can do the trick without hesitation while convincing its viewers with the help of a relentless talk, that the trick is very easy and that anyone can do it if it is not a cork oak head or a fool without remedy. It actually seems so simple that almost everyone will accept the invitation to stand up and prove their sobriety by demonstrating how quickly the task can be accomplished and that's when the fun begins because ninety-nine out of every hundred will be disqualified.

Lift two adjacent cups each time and in four movements change the positions so that filled cups alternate with empty cups.

A movement consists of raising two neighboring glasses and without exchanging them, taking them together to another place on the line. The cups are numbered to facilitate the description of the procedure.


That display of skill with four empty and four full cups can be remembered following this rule:
A long movement, two short, and another long.

First, move cups 2 and 3 towards the end end next to cup 8, then fill in the gap they have left with cups 5 and 6. Fill in turn the gap left by cups 8 and 2 and finally place Cups 1 and 5.


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