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Interview with Dr. Manuel Sánchez and the NO formula

Interview with Dr. Manuel Sánchez and the NO formula

“We cannot clean our hands with respect to our health, taking refuge in the genetic predisposition”

First of all, Doctor, thank you very much for lending us some of your time for this interview, we imagine you are a very professionally busy person.

When and how did the idea of ​​the web come about

The essence of proactive medicine is to get ahead of the pathologies so that the disease does not occur. This forces us to go to the root of health problems and to make a comprehensive and personalized follow-up of each patient in order to prevent diseases. Logically, in this medicine model the involvement of the patient is basic, since life habits and healthy eating are the best barrier to containment in case of any medical condition. Therefore, when creating the DeSánchez Clinic in 2017, we were very clear that communicating with the patient in a direct, clear and plain way would be one of our pillars. That's why we created as a direct channel with people interested in taking responsibility for their health care.

What objectives do you pursue in the health field?

We apply an advanced application medicine, so our main motivation is to bring the latest scientific advances to the consultation for the benefit of the patient. In line with this, we want to pay careful attention to the health of each person, dedicating time and making the necessary tests. How would we treat stress if we did it in a hurry? In parallel, we try to persuade our patients to take care of themselves taking into account the five pillars of well-being in which we work: eat in a balanced way, sleep well, exercise moderately, be loved and have sex, and be happy.

We see that the dissemination of health through the Internet today is very extensive, but do you think that all the health information offered is of quality? Many people consult on the Internet about health issues and we don't always do it in safe places.

Internet itself is not negative. On the contrary, it provides us with information that helps us to raise awareness about our health. The key is that the source of the information is reliable and is prepared by a medical team or with the supervision of health professionals. However, nothing can replace the relationship of trust between a doctor and his patient.

Could you tell us in broad strokes what the DNA of the Sanchez Clinic is?

After 25 years practicing medicine, I decided to launch this project to put into practice my own method based on proactive health and wellness medicine. I like to call the DeSánchez Clinic as 'Your doctor's house' for several reasons. To begin, we are located in a modernist building in Barcelona that breathes tranquility and comfort. We want patients to feel relaxed as soon as they cross the doors of our center. Secondly, I want to establish a close relationship and total trust with the patient, since we will be in charge of managing all aspects related to their health and well-being. Third, among the tenants of 'La casa de tu doctor' are the best specialists and surgeons in Spain, and we turn to them to meet the specific needs of our patients.

Some experts say that only 25% of diseases have a genetic cause, while 75% of health problems have their origin in life habits that are at risk today. What do you think is true in this statement?

It is a scientifically proven fact. We cannot clean our hands with respect to our health, based on genetic predisposition, since most health problems are caused by lifestyle, nutrition, socioeconomic status, the environment and the practice of physical exercise. That is why we have to return to habits that are not so far in time. For example, the PREDIMED study has concluded that following a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil and enriched with nuts can drastically reduce cardiovascular problems. It is the same effect that produces something as simple as walking through a forest with shade.

We would like you to tell us something about the need to know how to say "no" to maintain physical and emotional health.

Living with stress stimulates the production of substances such as cortisol, the stress hormone, that keep the body in tension. Unfortunately, today we are immersed in a whirlwind of hyperactivity that drives us to want to cover everything and have the feeling that we do everything running and without paying the attention it requires. But all this stress takes its toll and is behind cardiovascular diseases, depression, insomnia, premature aging and even hair loss and digestive problems. Many times the solution to get out of this spiral is knowing how to say "no", which implies learning to prioritize, prioritize and get rid of pesos that do not give us true value. To sensitize this aspect to our patients we are prescribing NO pills.

Do you want to highlight any other service offered by the DeSánchez Clinic?

Our most outstanding specialty is aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine or healthy longevity. We are pioneers in this area. The techniques against sagging, cellulite and varicose veins, as well as botulinum toxin and facial and body implants, are the treatments that most ask us, but our approach is clear: we try to improve internal physiology and appearance together, and we are able to blur the effects of wrinkles, sagging or biodermal aging, but not modify people with excessive treatments. Medical treatments, to be effective, must be feasible, safe, personalized and with proven results.

Doctor, how do you see the future of medicine? There is much talk about life expectancy if we take better care of ourselves ...

Scientific studies show that we will live 120 or 150 years if we take care of our body and organism as they deserve. If, in addition, we rely not only on predictive medicine, which is what we currently do thanks to advances in genetics, but in regenerative medicine with monoclonal antibodies, we can create therapeutic targets and further advance in pharmacogenetics and bioengineering. More and more tissue engineering is progressing, which, through various processes, produce biomaterials of natural and synthetic origin that can be adapted to any lost tissue and for each individual human being in order to regenerate the lost.

The stem cells, which are very fashionable and can be applied in more and more processes, will be the autologous and definitive cure of many diseases that shorten our lives and their quality. Nanotechnology will also have a lot to say, that thanks to the use of materials between one and one hundred nanometers (one nanometer is one billionth of a meter), it will allow to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in a more effective way, specifically targeting tissue treatments sick, without damaging healthy tissues.

As we can see, there is a very hopeful future thanks to the efforts of multiple disciplines within science, from medicine and biology to genetics and physics. The advances of the different areas promise us to be able to live many years with a good quality of life, but we have to get there. Therefore, what we do is prevent you from pursuing your years. We try that that age or space of time accompanies you with placidity and longevity, with health, without stress, with happiness, much energy and desire to live.

What would you recommend to be active and therefore improve our quality of life?

A good way to start is by following the recipe for happiness: it is made up of all those moments that each one detects that brings peace and well-being. Once identified, we can generate a full dose dose of these moments. Happiness is undoubtedly one of the ingredients of the true Mediterranean diet that we must recover to reach old people with the highest quality of life.

At the end of the day we all have situations in which we are happy: the hug and the smile of the son, the complicit kiss of the couple, hear a song and sing it ... Instead, there are others that stress us: traffic, pollution, discomfort spread and spread by others ... We must have more satisfying moments than stress peaks. Thus we will achieve well-being and longevity. If you start arguing at 7 in the morning, at 20 hours you are already against all humanity and part of the universe.

Thank you very much, Doctor Sánchez, it has been a pleasure to do this interview for Psychoactive.

David Alvarez