Who is your mom tales to reflect

Who is your mom tales to reflect

- Mom is that lady who carries in her bag a handkerchief with my boogers, a pack of wipes, a pacifier and an emergency diaper.

- Mom is that rocket so fast that it goes home fired and is everywhere at the same time.

-Mom is that juggler who puts washing machines with the coat on while she opens the door to the cat with the other, holding the mail with her chin and pulling me away from the garbage can with her foot.

-Mom is that magician who can make tears disappear with a kiss

-Mom is that stubborn one capable of taking my 15 kilos in one arm while the car full of shopping enters with the other

-Mom is that athletic champion capable of arriving in tenths of a second from 0 to 100 to prevent me from disagreeing with the stairs.

-Mom is that hero who always beats my nightmares with a caress

-Mom is that lady with two-colored hair, who says that as soon as she has another little hole, just another one, she goes to the aesthetic.

-Mom is that singer who invents the dumbest songs that make me laugh and dance

-Mom is that chef who is able to make me a delicious dinner with two nonsense that remained in the fridge because she forgot to buy, although she runs out of dinner

-Mom is that doctor who knows just by looking at me if I have a fever, how much, and what he has to do

-Mom is that economist capable of putting on clothes hundreds of years ago so that I go well handsome

-Mom is that singer who sings the sweetest song every night while I cradle for a little while

-Mom is that sleepwalker who can get up asleep at 4 in the morning, see if I peed, change my diaper, give me cough syrup, some water, put on the pacifier, everything in the dark and without waking up
-And that's not all ... also works outside the home.Do you see her It's her, the most handsome; the one who smiles

Please send this to five phenomenal women today, to celebrate Women's History month. If you do, something good will happen ... the morale will rise to another MOM.