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10 tips to improve your confidence

10 tips to improve your confidence

"Low self-esteem is like going through life with the handbrake on"Maxwell Maltz

No one is born with absolute confidence in oneself. Trust is something we build day after day in our lives, thanks to experiences, both good and bad. With our actions and our words, we cement our character as well as our self esteem.

Sometimes the best-intentioned comments of the closest ones can shake our beliefs and our self-confidence. If we add to this having to deal with our ruthless inner critic, who tells us that we are not good enough, then we already have all the necessary ingredients to lose faith in ourselves.

When we are bombarded by so many elements that threaten our trust, we need to take charge of rebuilding it again.

In this post we wanted to bring you a beautiful infographic made by Perspirex, where you can find 10 practical tips you can do to increase your confidence if you really decide to put them into practice. So what are you waiting for?