The numerical series for geniuses

The numerical series for geniuses

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We present a numerical series that they say is only suitable for geniuses. The solution is not very complicated, but it forces us to think differently than we are used to.

Look at this series of operations. Apparently, they all have an incorrect result, but they follow a pattern that you must guess to find the missing numbers in the last operation.

Take your time and don't forget to keep an open mind. Anyway, you know that you have the hidden solution a little below.



The result of each operation is calculated as the subtraction of the two numbers of the operation concatenated with the sum of the same numbers.

In the last operation, we must find two numbers X and Y that meet the following:
X - Y = B
X + Y = A
BA = 123

If you solve the system, we get that 12 + 11 = 123.


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