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Viking feats

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Vikin "The Viking" lived in a distant land where there were dragons and sea monsters. The dragons increased so much that they became a threat to the kingdom. The king, who was married to his sister, announced a contest. The warrior who killed more dragons from dawn to sunset on February 5 would be the winner. The prize was to marry the king's daughter.

On the eve of the contest, Gringo “El Georgiano”, the firstborn of the king, went to bed early to conserve his energy with his sharp ax next to him.

Vikin "The Viking", who almost forgot his crossbow and his shield, rode his black horse into the forbidden forest and camped there overnight to get help from the gods.

Abner "El Able" spent the night at home sharpening his sword and polishing his bronze shield while his squire prepared his stallion for the contest.

Brav "The Reckless" woke up very late in the morning of the contest and had to ride his horse in a hurry.

Igor "The Terrible" was the only warrior who used two weapons, with the ax he killed four dragons and five with the crossbow.

In the evening, the king organized a dinner to honor the participants in the contest. The winner, who killed more than half a dozen dragons with his crossbow and his proud parents were honored by the king.

The winner's horse was painted black, a color that symbolizes courage and withdrew from service while his bronze shield would be permanently displayed in the Tribute room.

Who won the contest?

Extracted from the page of the Labor University of Gijón


Gringo "The Georgian", son of the king, could not be the winner because the winner was not the son of the king as it is claimed that "The winner and his parents were honored by the king."

Abner "The Able", whose only weapon was the sword could not be the winner because the winner used a crossbow to kill the dragons.

Only Igor "The Terrible" used two weapons. He killed 4 dragons with his ax and 5 with his crossbow so he can't be the winner since the winner killed more than half a dozen dragons with his ax.

Vikin "The Viking", whose horse was black, cannot be the winner because the winner's horse was painted black after the contest.

Brav "The Reckless" He must have killed at least 10 dragons with his crossbow since Igor killed a total of 9 and by elimination we deduced that he won the contest.


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