Mental illnesses drawn as if they were monsters How would they be?

Mental illnesses drawn as if they were monsters How would they be?

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The artist and illustrator Toby Allen has been fighting his own monster for years: social anxiety.

A few years ago he decided to use his best weapon, art, to try to fight their fears by shaping monsters to each mental illness that you have next, with the purpose of being able to visualize them and face them as if they were something external to him, something that could be freed.

In 2013 he began to elaborate this interesting project by capturing in a series of illustrations the monsters that, in his opinion, represent some of the main mental disorders, with which he intends to give a more real meaning to some clinical entities.

As he says, this series entitled "The mental illness Monsters" is not a medical or professional guide. His subjective descriptions of the mental disorder are not intended to be rigorous but rather an empathic interpretation of these terrifying monsters that many people have to struggle with every day.

“The project originated through a visualization of my anxiety as monsters, and it turned out to be an easy way to heal the process of this disease through the drawings. It made them feel weak and I was able to see my own anxiety in a funny way. ”


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