Facial massage against insomnia

Facial massage against insomnia

Facial massage


  • 1 Benefits of massage
  • 2 Insomnia and stress
  • 3 Massage as a relaxation therapy
  • 4 How to do a facial massage

Massage Benefits

How many times do you put your hand to your head suffering from stress? How many times spontaneously takes the fingers of the hands to the temples and almost without realizing it rubs? Definitely facial massage is almost automatic when we want to relax, but although it goes unnoticed, we are going to give you some guidelines so that you can practice it at home in an entertaining way and above all to fight stress and insomnia, factors that torment us so much in these times.

Insomnia and stress

Today where stress is present and where haste have become our enemy Number one costs finding a time to take care and relax our body. We are not aware that sometimes we need to disconnect and although we need it by day, it is clear that at night too. Because sleeping well should not be a necessity but an obligation. There is much talk about the issue of insomnia or also called inability to sleep, as well as sleep disorders, which prevent a restful sleep and therefore reducing our quality of life. It seems a minor issue, but Unfortunately, insomnia is increasingly present in our population along with stress, which not only invites us to live quickly but with pressures and anxieties that although they can be fought with some treatments or techniques make aspects such as anxiety make a hole in our night.

Massage as a relaxation therapy

We already know many therapies, but certainly a massage has always been and will be a good tool to fight insomnia. The massage will allow us to relax our body, but also our mind, because it has benefits for both sides. Many are the types of massage that we can apply at general levels, such as the known global relaxation massage and although it is advisable to go to a professional for it we can also practice it at home with some previous knowledge to say we fight the subject a bit through our possibilities. Although this time we are going to talk about an interesting facial massage, to put it into practice before sleep that will help us fight insomnia.

If we want to combat insomnia it is clear that the massage will be done before going to sleep

We will not say with it that the insomnia It will disappear, but it could be something smaller. There are many more factors that we will take into account to sleep well, such as the room where we sleep or the material we use for it, without everything counts, let's talk about the massage itself. As mentioned before we will practice a facial massage. This type of massage will reduce the so-called cortisol level, which is ultimately the culprit of our stress level and which prevents us from falling asleep correctly.

How to do a facial massage

Fortunately This type of massage is effective and enjoys good popularity and results.. Let's go step by step to practice this beneficial massage.

TO) We will lie in our bed covering our eyes, either with a handkerchief or some kind of mask that we can use for it.

B) We will try to leave our mind blank and obviously concentrating to forget the problems that concern us so much and little by little we will feel our breathing.

C) We will rub the temples with the fingers (with the index finger of each hand) as well as the forehead area, gently and at a slow pace for approximately 30 seconds.

D) We will place the palm of one of our open hands on the forehead making a stop of approximately 10 seconds.

AND) We repeat steps B and C about three times.

F) Now with our index knuckles and heart of both hands, we will proceed to perform a circle massage on both sides of the head. Starting with what is known as the occipital area, continuing to make movements at various points of the head, ending in the area of ​​the skull located just above our neck.

G) We will just relax and be ready to sleep.

As we can appreciate a simple and practical massage, in this case facial helps us relax and achieve an impact on our rest, improving our stress levels, precisely in an area as interesting as the facial part. While all a complete and global massage is appreciable, this facial massage is also appreciable, in addition it is increasingly popular, being increasingly practiced both personally at home and in centers for this type of therapy.

Think prevention is better than cure, so if a facial massage against insomnia goes well imagine the rest.

The wrinkles of the spirit make us older than those of the face. Michel de Montaigne (1533 - 1592) French writer and philosopher.

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