Effective communication in the family

Effective communication in the family

Family communication

It is clear that communication influences human relationships and conditions our lives, but it is an inherent need of the human being to express what is thought and felt. In communicating we are transmitting energy, which we must focus on the best goals such as unity, harmony, peace, that is to say, the growth and development of the person in their different fields.

What we should avoid in our communication

  • Say offensive words, because they cause an explosion of hurtful emotions towards the other person.
  • The silence, when used as an excuse not to discuss a matter, not to answer questions or to show disinterest, as they offer an unpleasant feeling of indifference towards the feelings and needs of the other, of abandonment and of little value.
  • The critics, because they produce a negative and tense atmosphere among family members.
  • Generalizations, because each home has its rules and specifications.
  • Lack of eye contact, so that the communication is real we must look well in the eyes and avoid evasive.
  • The screamsWhen you speak out loud, claiming, censoring, the communication process is spoiled, from time to time you have to allow decision making by family members, and accept them quietly even if we don't like them completely.
  • No listening, when we constantly interrupt, when we are on the defensive and despise the ideas and feelings of the other person, because we are sending a message of contempt for their emotions and feelings.
  • Negative emotions when communicating, anger, contempt or anger should not prevail, by accusing we increase problems and sufferings making reconciliation and forgiveness more difficult.