Ways to be more attractive

Ways to be more attractive

How to be more attractive

Who doesn't want to be more attractive? Although there are currents that advocate “be yourself”, the truth is that we are animals, and we need to attract other people. So, today, we show you some ways to be more attractive.


  • 1 Be more handsome or be more attractive?
  • 2 How to be attractive to women?
  • 3 Some biological notes

Be more handsome or be more attractive?

The first question to ask is if what you have to try is to be more handsome or more attractive. And the question may seem cheating, but, in reality, it is not. Being attractive is much more than being handsome, although sometimes they are used as synonyms.

Being handsome is only having physical characteristics (usually in the head, especially in the face) that are validated by society. However, being attractive goes further, and refers to the ability to attract the people we like.

Thus, there may be a person who is beautiful but unattractive, and A person who is not beautiful but attractive.

And why does this occur?

For the simple reason that the human being is not attracted solely by beauty, but there are other key aspects that make a person get our attention and we are attracted to it.

Now, As we are talking about "how to be more attractive", we will assume that your goal is to attract women (We are aware that it is a lot to assume, but it is the most usual).

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How to be attractive to women?

Next, let's mention some key aspects that usually attract women. Of course, this is not a mathematical formula. There will always be women who are not attracted to what we are going to mention next, but they are the least frequent cases.

So, let's see what those features are that can help you be more attractive:

  1. Beauty: Yes, I know we are saying that beauty is not everything, but that it is not everything does not mean that it is not something. Beauty influences. Therefore, try to take care of yourself and keep yourself handsome.
  2. Body worked: Another important point, which is linked a little with the previous one, is to have the body worked. Women tend to be more attracted to an ugly man with a good body, than to a handsome man with a bad body (it is an evolutionary issue).
  3. Self confidence: This point is essential. If you don't show self-confidence, your attractiveness is substantially reduced. Women, for biological and evolutionary reasons, look for self-confident men. Therefore, train that part of your way of being (you may need help from a psychologist).
  4. Nonverbal language: Now, how is that security transmitted in yourself? Well, essentially, through nonverbal language. You can check some of our articles about it to know more about this topic.
  5. Economic situation: Yes, it can be something sad or superficial, but the truth is that the economic situation is important. Although this is changing, for a long time women have been "maintained." Therefore, there is that remnant that says that a man with a good economic situation is better than the opposite.
  6. Form of wear: And, in line with the above, the way of dressing serves to indicate that economic situation. Yes, we know that it does not always happen, but usually it is, so it is convenient to take advantage of that point.
  7. Intelligence: Finally, the ability to maintain a good conversation, know how to solve complicated situations, and prove to be intelligent, is also highly valued in a long-term relationship.

Some biological notes

Finally, since we have pointed out some aspects that may be a bit controversial, we will explain its meaning from a biological point of view:

  1. Security: Civilization is relatively recent. Before this, the women were in a helpless situation, so having a man to provide security was important. Hence, even today, that self-confidence continues to be valued.
  2. Economic situation: As in the previous case, women have had, for thousands of years, a legal system that prevented them from becoming economically independent. For this reason, there is still a remnant in their brains that says that, the better the man has economically, the better the standard of living she will have.
  3. Body worked: As for the worked body, naturally, it is an inheritance from when having a healthy and well-formed body was a guarantee of being able to hunt and defend itself better. That is, a better option to ensure offspring.

As you can see, for be more attractive You don't need to be more handsome (although it is a way of being, of course). The human being (and especially women) are not guided only by physical beauty, but by many other attributes, such as those we have mentioned.

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