Interview with Neria Morales, psychiatrist in Valencia

Interview with Neria Morales, psychiatrist in Valencia

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Neria Morales

First of all we appreciate the collaboration provided for this interview of Neria Moralesrecognized Psychiatrist of Valencia, who treated us very kindly despite his tight time. Without a doubt, mental health is a topic of interest for many people. However, we almost had an appointment to interview more professionals in that sector.

Hi Neria Thanks again for your attention. We start if you think the interview.

To begin with Neria and in general terms, can you explain to us what does Psychiatry consist of and how can it help us?

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that studies and treats mental disorder.

What differences exist between Psychology and Psychiatry?

The fundamental difference is in the type of treatment each offers: psychiatry uses drugs, psychology does not.

Seeing your extensive experience What led you or what prompted you to study Psychiatry and if you had not been a Psychiatrist what would you have liked to dedicate yourself to?

I never considered studying anything other than medicine, or another specialty other than psychiatry. It was something that came standard with me, since I was a child.

How do you remember your first years as a professional? Was it complicated to start?

It was not easy, but not difficult either. The illusion to become a psychiatrist and dedicate myself to what I like most was always superior to any problem that intervened along the way.

Do you prefer the public or private sector to work in that field?

I have no preference for either of them, I consider them complementary and the two sectors contribute equally to me.

In your private consultation, what services do you offer?

In the private consultation I treat any type of problem related to mental health, both to patients with mental illness and to their relatives advising them when they need it.

We see that you have YouTube Channel as well as many interesting contents on the web such as the test section. Is technology and the presence on the network paramount for a professional in your sector?

Yes, I think it is. In an era in which information is available to everyone through the network, patients need more than ever to know how the professional is going to treat them and have a presence on the network makes it possible for them to see this need satisfied.

Youtube Neria Morales

Web Neria Morales

A question that many people can ask themselves: What diseases are usually treated in a Psychiatry consultation?

Anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, insomnia, depression, addictions, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and some other . All of them are diseases that can be treated in the psychiatric office.

As a doctor, how do you value medicine in our country (Spain) in technological and human advances in mental health?

I think we are not at the tail of the world but we are not the best either. In Spain there are reference professionals worldwide in the field of mental health but at the healthcare level there is still a lot to do and we need to increase resources.

Likewise, how do you assess the academic level in reference to Mental Health? Do we have potential in our country?

We have it, we have it. Improving mental health assistance in Spain depends more on a matter of resources than on the quality of professionals.

What is the case that you have dealt with and has impacted you the most and why?

The case of a boy who entered the hospital as a resident comes to mind. He was being detained by the Civil Guard for a knife attack. I was shocked that the reason for the aggression had been to defend against delusions that made him believe they were going to kill him. I could see that the psychotic patient only aggravates when his life is seriously endangered.

Do you remember your first patient in your private practice?

Mmmm ... yes, I remember, of course I remember. A patient who had already treated at the social security outpatient and who wanted me to continue treating her when my contract ended at that hospital.

Fortunately, women have more presence in the medical field. You are a great and clear example, however. Do you currently notice differences between men and women in access to the labor market in this sector?

The truth is, no. In that aspect I believe that men and women have the same opportunities. On the other hand, if we talk about access to the service headquarters, for example in the Valencian community, I have only met two women who have been heads; The rest all men.

What would you say to a person who wants to dedicate himself professionally to Psychiatry?

You have to be able to put yourself in the patient's skin. Being a psychiatrist implies having an empathic capacity that not everyone has.

We know that you are a founding member of an interesting association. Could you tell us more about this association?

The Spanish Society of Suicidology. It was founded in 2015 with the idea of ​​giving visibility to the problem of suicide and promoting prevention programs and addressing this problem.

We also know that you have many collaborations. Could you name us some?

I like to collaborate with patient associations, that's why I have collaborated with the Valencian Association of Bipolar Disorder, the ADHD + 16 Valencia Association that fights for adult ADHD, and the association against childhood cancer of the La Fe research institute, Let's add many Hands for sick children.

We note that you have a physical consultation in Valencia and an Online consultation. What is the difference in both considering benefits and disadvantages?

The difference is small, but I have to admit that I feel more comfortable in the physical consultation since the online consultation, although it allows real-time communication and thanks to new technologies we can send prescriptions and reports to patients, it has a point of coldness that the face-to-face consultation does not have.

Interview conducted by David Álvarez


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