The smartest take longer to fall asleep ... and are more handsome

The smartest take longer to fall asleep ... and are more handsome

Everyone knows that the sleep is a necessary activity for the survival of our body. The exact causes of why we need sleep are still unknown, but it seems to be that it mainly serves the function of letting our brain and body “rest” from daily activity. Not everyone needs to sleep the same number of hours. Generally younger people, those who make intense physical or psychic efforts, as well as certain personal characteristics, often need more sleep.

Some have come to hypothesize that people very smart They should sleep more, but apparently this is not true, it does not depend on this factor. What does seem to be more general is the fact that people with high IQ tend to be more active during the night and fall asleep later.

A study conducted by the researcher Satoshi Kanazawa and his team at the London School of Economics and Political Science, has revealed that there are significant differences between sleeping time preferences according to the level of IC of the person. People with higher scores in this area are more productive at night, while those with lower IQ prefer to perform their activities mainly during the day.

Thus, people with greater intellectual quotient tend to be more night owls

... while those with less intellectual quotient, are more diurnal: they prefer to go to bed early and be early risers.

According to Kanazawa, our ancestors were mainly diurnal, but the trend has been gradually reversed over the years towards increasing our activity during the night. Apparently, this has occurred at the same time that the human mind has evolved, so that those individuals with higher cognitive skills usually feel attracted to personal development during the hours without sun and their minds demonstrate a “highest level of cognitive complexity”.

On the other hand, a 2008 study led by the psychologist Marina Giamnietro indicates that more nocturnal people have less emotional stability, are less reliable and more likely to suffer from depression, addictions and eating disorders, compared to early risers who are relatively more aware

In parallel, in another study also headed by Kanazawa, we wanted to know if there was some kind of relationship between IC and external or physical beauty of people. 17,419 people participated in this study, including children, to young people who had just become adults. Contrary to what we might think at first, the results reflected that in the case of women the intellectual quotients of those considered most beautiful were 11.4 points above the average, and in the case of men the difference in IQ increased even more, standing at 13.6 points.

A similar study was recently conducted in the US with the participation of 35,000 people with similar results.

After analyzing the results of the investigation that measures the relationship between beauty and intelligence, Saatoshi Kanazawa, concluded that the conjunction of both factors is due probably to the characteristics of the society in which we live. According to Satoshi Kanazawa, "more intelligent men are more likely to achieve greater status, and if men of greater status are more likely to marry beautiful women, then, since both intelligence and physical attractiveness are highly inheritable, there should be a positive correlation between intelligence and physical attractiveness in the generation of children”.

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