10 romantic ideas to surprise your partner

10 romantic ideas to surprise your partner

Keeping the flame of love alive is a task that must be done day by day. At the beginning of a relationship it is common for both parties to dedicate themselves to surprising each other with romantic details, however, as time goes by, those details do not repeat themselves and the relationship gradually becomes more and more cold.

There is nothing better than making your partner feel that no matter how much time has passed, he still makes you happy, so surprising her every so often with some detail, however small it is, is very valuable and feeds the relationship.

Many couples hope that there is a special day like Valentine's Day or the anniversary date to surprise the other, however romanticism has no date and every day should be celebrated because there is nothing more special than keeping love alive as if it were of the first day of the relationship; This certainly guarantees that they are a happier couple.

A call when your partner is at work, a rose in bed when you wake up, all are small details that can make your relationship the best. The important thing is not the magnitude of the detail but the intention with which you have had the detail, to express to your partner that you love her as the first day they began their courtship.

In view of this, today we will give you 10 romantic ideas to surprise your partner and thus keep love alive. With these tips it is very possible that your relationship remains successful or if it is not stable, you can convince your partner that you love her immensely.


  • 1 Make a disc of special songs
  • 2 Fulfill your dreams
  • 3 romantic notes
  • 4 Wake up love phrases
  • 5 Prepare a surprise trip
  • 6 Details capsule
  • 7 Go back to where you met
  • 8 Relax together
  • 9 Cook something delicious
  • 10 Flowers don't go out of style

Make a record of special songs

Long ago giving a cassette to your partner with music to dedicate was one of the best ways to conquer, over time this tradition was lost, as well as making traditional love letters. However, pick up these details and give your partner a CD with a compilation of songs that have some meaning for you as couples.

You can accompany the CD with a romantic and safe note your partner will love to enjoy the music that tells about their relationship as a couple and will remind you in each musical note.

Fulfill your dreams

Another romantic idea to surprise your partner is about fulfilling his most beautiful childhood dream. How? Surely he has ever told you that his dream was to sing in front of a public or fly in a balloon, whatever the dream you can prepare a balloon ride or take it to sing in a karaoke, this will give your partner to understand that always You have listened and paid attention to what he has said in the whole relationship.

Romantic notes

A romantic idea to surprise your partner that is sure to melt her / or love is about putting notes with love messages all over the home, if they do not live together, go home when you are not and decorate your entire room with Romantic notes, look for the least expected places and express all your love through a note where you manifest everything you feel. Surely when he returns home and sees that you were there he will be surprised and will be more in love with you.

Being romantic does not go out of style and the details are what over the years manages to keep the relationship alive, so that you have a relationship of 10 years, the romance should never go out.

Wake up love phrases

A romantic idea to surprise your partner may be to prepare beautiful phrases of good morning to surprise her with them in the morning when you get up. Imagine that before you go to work you leave many phrases of love throughout the room and in your home so that your partner has a happy awakening. This idea will melt more than one and let you know that you love her as if it were the first day of her courtship.

Prepare a surprise trip

If the small details are not for you and you want to bet big, a romantic idea to surprise your partner that does not fail is to prepare a surprise trip. If you've ever heard your partner tell you a place you dream of going to, that's the ideal time to surprise her by taking her to that destination she dreams of knowing.

Details capsule

Another romantic idea to surprise your partner but that does not require as much budget as a surprise trip can be to make a capsule with details of your relationship, you only need a glass or metal container and collect objects that are related to each year of your relationship From photos to gifts, everything goes. Bury the capsule in your garden and prepare a treasure hunt with romantic clues until your partner finds it.

Go back to where they met

Recreating a second date in the place where they met is one of the best romantic ideas to surprise your partner and relive that moment where they knew they were for each other.

Relax together

There is nothing better than sharing as a couple, so a romantic idea to surprise your partner can be to plan a spa day together, in this way they will share a pleasant and different time as a couple.

Cook something delicious

If you like cooking you can surprise your partner with a surprise dinner prepared by you, even if you do not know how to cook you can find recipes online and prepare something, you may be surprised by dinner or because you have decided to cook, but you will surely earn their love .

The flowers don't go out of style

Finally, another romantic idea to surprise your partner is to send flowers at an unexpected moment, this detail should never be lost as it is a way of telling your partner that you love her and that you do not need a day to let her know that her love has It was the best thing that happened to you.

Whichever idea you choose, keep romance and love alive.