70 phrases of Jacinto Benavente about love and life

70 phrases of Jacinto Benavente about love and life

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Jacinto Benavente y Martínez (1866 - 1954) was one of the first Spanish playwrights of the twentieth century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1922

This prolific author, addressed almost all theatrical genres: tragedy, comedy, drama, sainete, as well as all social environments, both rural and urban, the commoner and the aristocrat. His theater constitutes a complete gallery of human types. His comedy was critical, traditional, modern and incisive, far from traditional melodrama. It is said that realism, naturalness and credibility are the three pillars of his art. He knew all the scenic resources perfectly and knew how to give dramatic relief to the most inconsequential actions.

Do not miss this fantastic compilation of some of his best quotes.

Famous quotes by Jacinto Benavente

Everyone thinks that having talent is a matter of luck; nobody thinks that luck can be a matter of talent.

In life, the saddest thing is not to be completely unhappy, it is that we lack very little to be happy and we cannot get it.

If people heard our thoughts, few would escape being locked up by crazy people.

When you don't think what you say is when you say what you think.

An hour of joy is something we steal from pain and death, and heaven soon reminds us of our destiny.

Blessed are those who imitate us because they will inherit our faults.

There is no one as eloquent as yourself when you want to persuade yourself that it is convenient to be persuaded.

True love, the ideal love, the love of the soul, is the one that only desires the happiness of the loved one, without demanding ours in return.

Love is like Don Quixote: when he regains his judgment it is to die.

Being happy is a matter of practice.

He who is jealous is never jealous of what you see, with what he imagines is enough.

Money cannot make us happy, but it is the only thing that compensates us for not being.

Books are like friends, it's not always the best we like the most.

The friend who knows how to get to the bottom of our heart, that, like you, neither advises nor recriminates; Love and shut up.

Love is painted blind and winged. Blind not to see the obstacles and with wings to save them.

Nature is generous, and in old age it takes away our sleep to give us a little more life.

The envy is so ugly that it always walks through the disguised world, and never more hateful than when it pretends to disguise itself as justice.

The closest thing to lies is silence, when you shut up what you don't want to say.

The more we reduce the size of our world, the more we will be its teachers.

An obsessive idea always seems like a great idea, not because it is big, but because it fills the whole brain.

The worst thing the bad guys do is force us to doubt the good ones.

Do you think that it is always more noble to deceive yourself than to always distrust.

Life tells us in its lessons that, once, to be good, you have to stop being honest.

It is easier to be great than to have common sense.

Nothing fortifies both souls and silence; which is like an intimate prayer in which we offer our sorrows to God.

It is one thing to continue the story and another to repeat it.

Friends should never be asked for anything. It is the only means of preserving them. Money is asked from enemies. It is the way, also, of conserving them.

The only way that people don't believe in something bad is because it suits them to believe in something worse.

Believe it, to make us love we should never ask who loves us: Are you happy ?, but always say: How happy I am!

More men come together to share the same hate than the same love.

To understand pain there is no intelligence like pain itself.

In matters of love, crazy people are the ones with more experience. Love never ask the ropes; the ropes love each other, which is like never having loved.

There are discreet silences that hurt more than a reckless indiscretion.

The danger of love is not in the arrows it throws at us, but in the band that puts us ...

Irony is a sadness that cannot cry and smiles.

It is best to give others a pleasant role in life, so that they represent it well.

We will have a house so small, that little happiness that enters it fill it all.

I only fear my enemies when they start to be right.

They say that I make fun of everything, I laugh at everything, because I make fun of them and I laugh at them, and they think they are everything.

We are too inexorable in judging others when we believe ourselves without guilt; Only the sinner should judge sinners.

True love is not known for what it demands, but for what it offers.

He who is jealous is never jealous of what he sees, with what he imagines is enough.

Start your work; to begin is to have done half; It begins again, and the work will be finished.

Many times, the fact that they believe us better than we are forces us to be.

Our life is never what we wanted, but what we had to stop wanting.

Little good will have done in his life who does not know of ingratitude.

Vanity always betrays our prudence and even our interest.

Love is like fire. Those who are outside come before the smoke ... that you call those who are inside.

The divorce is ridiculous. In addition, it suppresses the only security of marriage, that of not being able to remarry.

You never think more than when it seems that you don't think of anything.

Women often love those who deserve less; and is that women prefer to give alms to give prizes.

Money is like water; No matter how clean its origin, it runs through many mudflats and does not always reach our hands clean.

The estimate depends on believing or not believing in who is estimated; love, this is his tragedy, although he does not believe, he loves.

God punishes in the children the faults of the parents, because he knows that there is no greater pain for the parents than the pain of the children.

That money does not give happiness are voices that make the rich run so that the poor do not envy them too much.

In love, men become somewhat shy. The shyness of men makes women more daring.

The only acceptable selfishness is to ensure that everyone is well to be better.

Loves are like newborn children; until they cry they don't know if they live.

Culture is the good education of understanding.

Love is the closest thing to war, and a war in which it is indifferent to win or be defeated, because you always win.

In the fight, the soldier is known; Only in victory, the knight is known.

I have observed that all those who cannot tolerate a bad word from superiors are the ones who most often lavish them with inferiors.

Dictators can reform the laws; But not customs.

Forgiveness is always a humiliation and sooner or later we end up hating someone who has had something to forgive us.

In every child humanity is born.

There is no feeling that is worth; Love is an occupation like any other.

The admiration never interrogates; with admire understand.

If murmuring the truth can still be the justice of the weak, slander can never be more than the revenge of cowards.

Education is not a matter of one day or two ... I have met poorly educated families until the fifth generation. It is the most inherited disease.

Believe and create are different words. But when you say with all your soul: I believe, I believe! Believing and creating is the same.


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