The French Cup 1975

The French Cup 1975

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Illustrations by Vecteezy

That final match of the 1975 France Cup did not resemble any other. The teams that played the game: Lafrimbolle and Bidache, unknown were until that moment.

Grosmougin, the goalkeeper of Lafrimbolle, had a serve so powerful that when he scored he scored 2 goals for his team. Then the referee immediately scored a bit against Bidache. At that moment a funny spectator threw a ball to the field and as the players did not realize they played a time with two balls. Bidache scored somewhat against Lafrimbolle at the same time that Lafrimbolle scored one against Bidache. There was no tie.

However, Mr. Jataxou, notary of Bidache, lost his bet that there would be more than ten goals in the match. The scorers were Petitdemange, from Lafrimbolle. The others were Labastide, from Bidache, who scored half of the goals for his team, Briscous and Joliberry from Bidache and Grosmougin.

What was the winning team and what was the final result?

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The match ended with Lafrimbolle's victory with 6 goals scored against 4 of Bidache.


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