Do we come predestined by our ancestors? Our emotional heritage

Do we come predestined by our ancestors? Our emotional heritage

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Emotional inheritance

Human beings come from a genetic chain that is encoded in the A.D.N contained in our cells; in which there is the ancestral imprint that determines not only the physical traits, but also the emotional and psychic ones. Let's see what significance this familiar information can reach in the existence we carry.


  • 1 The transmission of information between generations
  • 2 What is psychogeneology?
  • 3 The evolution of the family tree
  • 4 Our emotional heritage

The transmission of information between generations

Sigmund Freud referred to the unconscious transmission of information from generation to generation, then several authors alluded in the same direction. But as a therapeutic concept it was not known until the 1980s, when Anne Schutzenberguer began using the concept of genosciogram with her students at the University of Nice. The genosciogram is the representation of the family unconscious, a concept that later gave rise to psychogeneology. From the studies of Schutzenberguer born the psychogeneology and then the transgenerational, as it is known today to the study and analysis of the family tree.

The genetic information contained in the A.D.N is externalized in a person's family tree, their ancestors, in general, affect their current behaviors. This is a factor of great importance in its development, since the ancestors of the parents are ours and as a whole it constitutes the information that the genes of each one of us contain. After birth, this information may vary, depending on the personal evolution of our parents, the learning we receive from them and the influence of the environment in which we develop; but what happens frequently, given the unconsciousness, is the repetition of the stories. We tend to chain ourselves especially in unresolved conflicts and hidden information.

What is psychogeneology?

Alejandro Jodorwsky, one of the promoters of psychogeneology, states in some of his statements:

“Psychogeneology starts from the premise that certain unconscious behaviors are transmitted from generation to generation and prevent the subject from self-realizing, so that for an individual to become aware of them and to be able to disassociate themselves from them it is necessary that they study their family tree. It could be said that sometimes we are "possessed" by our families, particularly relationships with our parents play a fundamental role in the formation of the psyche of the individual, so it is essential to untie those "knots" with the past, and download the weight of life experiences that do not belong to us. The tree is alive inside me. I am the tree. I am all my family. No one has individual problems because the whole family is always at stake. The family unconscious exists. From the moment someone becomes aware of something, he makes all of his people take it too. That someone is the light. If one does his job, the whole tree is purified. ”

Also, one of his disciples, Marianne Costa says:

The emotional and behavioral conditionings recorded by our lineage in our personal unconscious, the most unknown and mysterious self, determine our posture towards life and lead our actions irremediably to repetitions of painful patterns in different personal spheres, from which we can hardly escape . The psychogeneological analysis of our own tree reveals the original causes that triggered those patterns. His vision and understanding is already healing, but we can take another step towards overcoming those hurtful routines that deprive us of living in their fullness and consciousness..

The evolution of the family tree

When a person in the family tree evolves, the whole group also does it, and most especially, also all subsequent generations. The tree behaves similarly to an ecosystem; all components are related to each other, in the case of the ecosystem, from the biological point of view and in the tree, in addition to the physical, emotionally, psychically and spiritually. The components depend on each other, when some modify their behavior, the others will perceive the movement and will have to move to accommodate the change of the system.

We come predestined to repeat the history of our ancestors, especially when we do not know it. On one occasion, during a consultation, we observed in the transgenerational of a consultant, the repeated behavior that existed of sexual rapes in her family, was a repeated matter, which represented for this person a conflict at that time, because her son was in jail as a result of an accusation for rape. This family, first of all, needed to emerge and make this information conscious in order to change it (this is often enough to heal). It is normal to find repeated and causal phenomena in the family tree, it is easy to identify repetitions in families such as poverty, widowhood, singleness, illness, etc. Unresolved conflictive issues are often evidenced and cause a lot of damage in the weakest points of the tree, that is, where there is less evolution. In the case of our consultant, his son was the weak and vulnerable point, given the circumstances of life he presented.

Our emotional heritage

The emotional inheritance is then a factor of great influence for the well-being of any human being and its influence will depend on the degree of personal awareness. The stories that are repeated, the secrets, the unexpressed pains, the traumas, the unrealized duels, are for example, conditions that each member of the family clan needs to process, transcend and integrate, not only for their own evolution but also for that of their descendants, because the information is waiting for someone with conscience to release it.


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