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The game that we present below is so spectacular that it deserves a special mention within The Puzzleclopedia. It's about a artificial intelligence game that will try to guess any object you have thought of, through a series of questions that you will be asking. You should try to be as accurate as possible with your answers since the success of the game depends largely on this; although in most cases, it is able to guess the proposed object even though our answers are not quite right.

We recommend you read the instructions below before starting. Anyway, if you are an impatient person, you can access the game with the button shown below:

Access the game

Think of an object and Artificial Intelligence will try to guess what you are thinking through a series of simple questions. The object you think about must be something that most people know, NEVER a specific person (Ex: Cristobal Colon), specific place (Ex: Barcelona) or concrete thing (Ex: Toshiba computer). "A cat" is a good option, but my cat "Whiskers" would not be a good idea. You can answer I don't know a question, especially if you don't understand the question or don't know the answer.

This game is rated for "All audiences" and is suitable for players of all ages.

Some indications about the answers we will provide

The first question the game asks you is always the same:
Is it Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Other, or I don't know?
Possible answers:

  • Animal - Any of the living creatures of the animal king, including unicellular or multicellular organisms with the capacity for spontaneous movement and rapid motor response. They usually lack chlorophyll and have no ability to perform photosynthesis. Examples: a cat, a goat, a snake, a unicorn, a protozoan.
  • Vegetable - Any of the living creatures of the plant kingdom that, in general, lack the musculoskeletal system and obvious nerve or sensory organs and their cell walls are cellulose. Examples: an orange, a carrot, lettuce, a tree, an algae.
  • Mineral - Of the earth, an inorganic substance.
    Examples: a rock, water, iron.
  • Other - Something that is neither animal nor vegetable nor mineral but a mixture of the three. Examples: a toaster, an arrow.
  • Unknown - You're not sure how to classify it or maybe nobody knows.

For the rest of the questions, the possible answers are the following:

  • Yes - You are sure that the answer is Yes.
  • Do not - Are you sure the answer is No.
  • Irrelevant - The question has nothing to do with your object.
  • I dont know - You are not sure if the question makes sense or you don't know the answer. The question will not count.
  • Sometimes - Sometimes yes sometimes no.
  • Maybe - Maybe, but you're not sure.
  • Probably - You're not sure but you think the answer is Yes.
  • I doubt it - You're not sure but you think the answer is No.
  • Usually - Usually the answer would be Yes.
  • It depends - The answer depends on how the question is interpreted.
  • Rarely - Usually the answer would be No

Normally you can answer the question with Yes or No. But there are questions that do not have such a simple answer. A horse is bigger than a microwave, but the water is neither bigger nor smaller; The question is irrelevant. Other questions may seem out of place: Does a camel have four wheels? No, and a motorcycle either. Try to answer the questions as best you know, and if you're not sure, use the I don't know button. The game has many other questions for you.

Now, think of an object that everyone knows, press the button and start the game:

Access the game


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