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How to know if my partner is gay

How to know if my partner is gay

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If you have doubts about whether your partner is gay, the time has come to end them. In this post you will discover everything you need to be clear if it is or not, and to get out of that situation in the best possible way. Do you want to clarify all your doubts right now?


  • 1 Why your partner doesn't tell you he is gay
  • 2 Signs that your partner is gay
  • 3 How to talk to him to find out if he is gay

Why your partner does not tell you that he is gay

First of all, we must make it clear that the fact that a person is homosexual and does not admit it in public is more common than you think. Although in recent years the trend has gone towards the acceptance of all sexual orientations, in the past that has not been the case.

If you have been educated in a too conservative climate, and this has made you feel that leaving the closet would be something bad or shameful and would harm your family, it will be difficult to break that line of thinking.

Thus, leading a double life and living against his way of feeling can be a less harmful solution for him. This means that you should be clear that, if your partner is gay and does not say so, he or she may be suffering enough and feel that no one can help you.

All this explains why he does not tell you that he is gay, and it also makes you have to consider these issues so as not to feel angry with him, since The first person he would like to be able to speak and freely show his sexuality is himself.

Signs that your partner is gay

Surely if it is here it is because you have noticed some signs that have led you to think that your partner is gay. You may be right with some and not with others. No sign by itself means that he is gay, but they all together help you to get the idea that he is.

Anyway, here is a list of signals that you may already have located (or not):

  • He loves himself too much: If you notice that she is too perfectionist with clothes and fashion and that she has too much desire to look good, you can start to suspect. This suspicion will grow if you often feel that he uses you more as a stylistic advisor than as a couple.
  • No interest in privacy: This is perhaps the most important signal. Although it is clear that sex depends on many factors and that there are better and worse streaks in the couple, if during all the time there is an indifference or rejection to bed, it is clear that something happens.
  • Excessive interest in the feminine: If you notice that her tastes and her way of acting are more similar to those of women, and you often feel that she is more feminine than you, we may be at a clear signal of what is going on inside her.
  • Female ways and gestures when speaking: If you also speak notes that have similar ways to women and not men, it will be another reason for you to have the fly behind the ear.
  • Sneaky looks at men: Have you caught him more than once looking at a name in a way that does not look at you? You may be facing a clear case in which your husband is not telling you the truth.

How to talk to him to find out if he is gay

If your partner shows all those symptoms, or some others that make you quite clear that he is gay, it is best to talk to him. It will not be easy, but everything that does not happen to sit down and speak it calmly will only bring more suffering to both of you.

For many women who have gone through such cases, the most painful thing is not her sexuality, but the fact that she has been cheating on you for so long. In addition, it usually leads to problems of self-esteem for women.

To talk with him you will need to do it very tactfully and without reproach. If you feel that by admitting it, you will fall into a shower of insults and a rebuke, it is almost impossible for you to do so. And you may have spent the only cartridge to leave the closet.

It's much better create a climate of trust and understanding in which he can feel comfortable as to admit something that for him has to be so painful. Therefore, you must make it clear that you will respect him, whatever he says and that you will support him in the future, especially if you have children.

With all this, I am sure that many of your doubts have been cleared and you have clearer the next step to take. If your partner does not stop sending you signs that he is gay and you want to see if you are right, talk to him with tact and affection to finish in the best possible way.


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