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Anna Karenina Syndrome, an obsessive type of love

Anna Karenina Syndrome, an obsessive type of love

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Many of the characters in universal literature and their stories have served to explain some of the human being syndromes and behaviors. One of them is that of Anna Karenina, the protagonist of one of the writer's most famous books Leon Tolstoy. Let's see what it is.


  • 1 From falling in love to mental alienation
  • 2 What is Anna Karenina's syndrome?
  • 3 How this syndrome affects people

From falling in love to mental alienation

First and before delving into this syndrome, we will know better the history of this character So important in universal literature. Anna Karenina was a woman belonging to the Russian aristocracy of the 19th century, with a well-off, married life and a son.

Tolstoy drew a character that was characterized by having values ​​according to the society of his time, in which hypocrisy and appearances prevailed. However, he decides to leave everything to meet Commander Vronsky, letting himself be carried away only by the intensity of his feelings.

The protagonist begins a love passion with him, which is a confrontation with the opinions of the society of the time. Finally, she sees how her lover ends up getting bored of the relationship, while she, rejected by society and as a result of her decision, is in a relationship of total dependence on him.

What is Anna Karenina's syndrome?

One of the main characteristics of this character, and precisely what this syndrome talks about, is the state of mental alienation he experiences. Anna lives her love story with intensity, leaving no room for reflection and reasoning.

This, as was already the case in the 19th century, continues to be something very common in today's society, since the concept of love that throughout history has fed on these beliefs.

In other words, love resembles the idea of not being able to live without each other, thus becoming a source of unease and suffering. Therefore, a tragic dimension is given to this feeling and of complete dependence on the other person.

This can be very dangerous, since it leads us to interact in an unhealthy way, without meditating on the decisions we make. In this way, we expose ourselves to establish insane ties with the different sentimental partners that appear in our life.

Psychologists define it as a obsessive affective disorder, something that usually occurs in human behavior. However, these symptoms are not always seen in this way, but most people feel they are living something special and out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately, there are millions of stories similar to this one that we tell about Anna Karenina, since it is very common for people to see a romantic point in this kind of passionate and intense tragedies.

How this syndrome affects people

One of the first recognizable aspects of Anna Karenina's character is her enormous attraction, which makes her relate from necessity and momentum. Likewise, it falls into the idealization of the other, something very common in the infatuation phase, as well as an overvaluation of the other person.

All this leads to obsessive thinking. that prevents seeing clearly the reality of the relationship. As a consequence, it is common for people who suffer from this syndrome to have difficulties to engage in a mature way in their relationships, since they seek to live permanently the intensity of these feelings.

The main problem of the syndrome, therefore, is that it leads people who suffer from it to establish immature relationships and, consequently, not to finish forging stability with another person.

Many people associate the lack of this alienation with lack of love, when you can really establish a much healthier type of relationship, without falling into these behaviors that ultimately end up hurting the people involved in the relationship.

This can make us feel alive and sometimes it can be difficult to prevent it from happening to ourselves. However, you have to try to live these stories with maturity. And most importantly, loving ourselves above the feeling towards the other person, because if we do not run the risk of being destroyed in the face of disappointment.

And it is that in sentimental relationships, reciprocity and maturity are the most important bases to achieve balance. For this it is important to assess oneself individually, so as not to fall into dependence and the fact of giving everything for someone who does not correspond to the same level.

In short, Anna Karenina's syndrome is very common in human behavior, but this desire for always living in the love phase can lead to unstable relationships and immature


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