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Rett disorder, what is it?

It basically consists of the development of multiple deficits, after a period of normal functioning that reaches 5 months of age, which to date has only been observed in girls. Contents 1 Origin of Rett Syndrome 2 Symptoms of Rett Disorder 3 Course and onset 4 Prevalence of Rett Disorder 5 Possible causes of Rett Disorder 6 Treatment of Rett Disorder 7 Prognosis Origin of Rett Syndrome In most cases the Beginning takes place between the seventh month and two years of age.
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70 phrases of Groucho Marx, humor and ingenuity in its purest form

Groucho Marx Julius Henry Marx, better known as Groucho Marx (1890-1977) was an American actor, humorist and writer. He became famous for being one of the members of the Marx brothers. He is considered one of the most influential comedians of all time. His ingenious and delirious phrases have gone down in history and have been icons of pop culture for generations, even today.
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